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15 Easy and Natural Remedies to Control Hair Fall Safely

Extreme hair fall is a reason for concern but you need not spend thousands of rupees on its treatment yet. Simple alterations in your diet, hair care routine and lifestyle choices can slow down hair fall. A regulated diet and hair care regime to control hair fall is a long and dedicated process. But if you are super stressed about your hair fall (ironically, stress is one major reason for hair loss), here are some easy remedies that you must include in your routine.

1. Organic coconut oil with curry leaves

Let’s start with one remedy that has worked wonders for me. Heat about 200 ml of organic coconut oil and add 4-5 bunches (yes, stalks too!) of curry leaves to it. Let the curry leaves cook for a while. When the oil changes colour, switch off the flame, allow it to cool, store in a glass jar and use twice a week. Thank us later.

2. Fenugreek seeds with curd

Fenugreek is a versatile seed. Not only does it add heat and flavour to your dishes, but it also provides nourishment to your scalp. You can read about its benefits here and if your concern is hair fall specifically, try the following home remedy.

Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and drain the water (don’t throw away this water, add it to your plants). Grind the seeds into a paste and mix it with curd. Massage your scalp with this hair mask, leave it on for 15 minutes and wash away with a chemical-free shampoo.

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