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11 Things You Need to STOP Using on Your Face

In a world full of chemical-based skin care products, beauty hacks, homemade face masks, home remedies for skin woes, etc., it’s only normal that you get tempted and give these above-mentioned things a try. Although the increasing awareness about the chemicals present in skin care products may have made women resort to natural, homemade ingredients more often, not all of them are deemed to be safe. Whether you choose chemical-based cosmetics or not – you must know what is good for your face and what’s not!

Stop Using These 11 Things on Your Face

For healthy skin, there are a few things that shouldn’t be applied on your face. Do you want to know what these ingredients are? Find out!

1. Body Lotion

Body lotion is the first thing on our list because we know many people use it frequently on their face when they run out of face creams or sunscreen. Most people slather it on their face thinking that all skincare products are the same, but that’s not true!

Body lotions are thicker, oilier, and more fragrant than actual face creams, which are formulated for use on your facial skin. Applying these on your face can lead to allergic reactions and breakouts. Hence, you must use gentle, oil-free, and fragrance-free facial creams or moisturisers.

2. Sugar

Sugar is commonly used in DIY scrubs for the face and other areas on your body. But using sugar as an exfoliant on your face can be abrasive for your skin. It can scratch your soft skin, causing micro-tears, so it’s best avoided.

3. Hot Water

Just as you wouldn’t use hot water to wash your hair, don’t use it on your face either. A steam facial works in favour of your skin, but it should not be replaced with hot water, as hot water can lead to the loss of moisture from the outermost layer of your skin, making it dry. You can wash your face with lukewarm water, or opt for a steam facial.

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