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10 Sneaky Ways to Create More Volume in Your Hair

If your hair is volume-challenged, then listen up: I feel your pain! Over the years, I’ve dealt with my fair share of limp locks, falling curls and bangs that were glued to my forehead.

Fortunately, I also happen to have this weird job called “beauty editor,” where I get to meet and interview tons of top hairstylists—and steal all their best tips. You can bet your blow-dryer I’ve been collecting their tricks for creating max volume with min effort.

And now I’m passing them along to you! These 10 pro tips are tried and beauty editor-tested, so I KNOW they work (and if I can do them, you can do them). Some you’ll want to incorporate into your daily routine, and others you’ll want to bust out for special occasions.

Here’s how to cheat your way to more voluminous hair:

1. Change Your Part

Chances are, you have a favourite place to part your hair. It’s where your hair likes to fall naturally (somewhere in the middle or off-centre), or on the side closest to it. Problem is, that’s also where your hair lies the most flat, and you’re training it to stay that way.

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