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Tips to take care of your skin if you are in your 30’s

During your 20s, you are still not noticing any signs of aging, but as soon as you turn 30, you will notice how aging signs slowly appear skin. Less elasticity, aging spots, dehydration, hormonal acne, and even some wrinkles will start noticing at this age.

For this age, topical treatments are recommended.

Still, you need to start taking some extra precautions and try some aesthetic treatments to address more specific concerns coming with age. 

Here you have these basic steps to take care of your skin in your 30s:

  • Hydration: Choose products with hydrating ingredients and emollients and add serums to treat your main concerns. Add a moisturizing product for your daily routine, and choose a nourishing one for the night. 
  • Say Hello to AHA: Glycolic and Lactic acid are the most known AHA; they are essential to increase cellular turnover, exfoliate, and increase collagen production. 
  • Add Retinol: This is the best ingredient that will help you to improve your pores and superficial wrinkles. Remember that you must start using it with the lowest concentration and just a few days per week and increase them progressively.
  • Don’t forget about antioxidants: They are essential; they protect your skin from sun damage and increase collagen and elastin production. You can try Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Resveratrol. You can try topical products, and also you can add abundant fruits rich in antioxidants to your diet.
  • Don’t forget about your neck: This area will always show signs of aging and sagginess; hence you have to treat it the same time you do your face.  This skin is thinner and is prone to show premature signs of aging, so always apply abundant moisturizer, sunscreen, and massage the area with upwards movement every night while you use your products.

Annual Check: Check with your dermatologist at least once a year; besides checking any new moles, they will provide you with treatment specific for your concerns.

Besides topical treatments, they can offer you more advanced treatments like chemical peelings, microdermabrasion, botulinum toxic, radiofrequency, and others that effectively address the aging signs.

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