The neck often hides under long hair, scarves and high collars, so they forget to look after it. Until the mirror reminds you that this tender part of the body treacherously betrays the age. To prevent this from happening, we must ensure that it takes proper care and timely care.

Causes of aging of the neck skin

You can not talk about the neck, not remembering the décolleté zone. These parts of the body speak of age much more eloquently than face. By structure, the neck skin resembles the skin in the eyelid:

  • there are almost no sebaceous glands that would protect it from external influences;
  • subcutaneous fat is too thin.

All this means only one thing – caring for the neck and décolleté area requires special delicacy.

The first signs of aging of the neck become noticeable after 35-40 years. And there are explanations for this.

  1. Constant load on the cervical spine

    We nod, tilt the head, turn and stretch the neck – so that the skin and muscles in this zone are practically not resting, constantly stretching and twisting. And if the muscles cope with the load, then the skin loses its elasticity over time.

  2. Using smartphones and tablets

    Researches of scientists have already proved, that too frequent use of smart phones and tablets for check of mail and correspondence in соцсетях leads to loss of a tone of a neck. While viewing the gadget, we lower our head (and in this position we can stay for hours), provoking the appearance of wrinkles not only in the eyes (crow’s feet), but also in the neck.

  3. The habit of sitting in one pose

    Deformation of the skin is not only responsive to gadgets. Wrinkles and wrinkles on the neck occur when we sit for a long time, tilting our head – during reading, writing, eating, etc. 

Cause of aging of the neck skin

One of the reasons for the aging of the skin of the neck is the constant tension of the muscles.

How to take care of your neck skin

To the skin in the neck and décolleté area remained beautiful and elastic, regular care is required, including the same steps as beauty treatment for the face: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishing, protecting.

In the morning

  1. In the shower, completing the water procedure, walk a stream of cool water around the neck and décolleté zone. This simple trick helps to strengthen tissues and regulates microcirculation.
  2. Once a week, peel the skin of the neck with a facial – exfoliation will help her to maintain elasticity. Apply scrub with light smoothing movements.
  3. Do not forget about the hydration, in which the neck and décolleté region needs at any time of the year. If there is no special remedy for this area, a normal face cream will do.

In the evening

  • When removing make-up, always clean the skin of the neck with micellar solution or milk. You will see that the pollution on it accumulates for a day no less than on the face. After do not forget to use a tonic or lotion.
  • Two hours before bedtime, apply a night nourishing cream.

And even at night

Recommendation for the care of the neck skin at night is very simple – choose the right pillow so that during sleep, the skin does not form creases that later turn into wrinkles.
Neck skin cream

Special creams have been developed for the neck skin. 

How to care for the neck at different ages

The first signs of aging can appear on the neck after 30 years, so start caring for this area as early as possible.

After 30 years

It’s frivolous to think that in 30 years, no wrinkles are out of the question. It is at this age is to accustom yourself, caring for the face, do not forget about the neck and décolleté zone.

  • Pay attention to creams and serums with retinol. It as though “thickens” a skin and reduces intensity of pigmentation (if it is).
  • On sunny days do not forget to use a cream with a sunscreen.

After 40 years

At this age, the first signs of aging appear: wrinkles become more pronounced, and the skin of the neck gradually loses its elasticity.

  1. Use a special firming and tightening care for the neck and décolleté areas to reduce wrinkles and smoothing effect.
  2. Do not forget to protect the delicate skin from ultraviolet light.
  3. Add to the diet foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, useful for the skin, blood circulation and cardiovascular system. They are found in fatty fish, flax and walnut.
Prevention of wrinkles on the neck

Prevention of loss of tonus of the skin of the neck – contrast shower. © iStock

After 50 years

Loss of tonus of the neck skin, creases and creases are the problems that women most often face during menopause. For prevention there are several recommendations.

  • Regularly peel the skin of the neck and décolleté to strengthen and stimulate cellular renewal.
  • Daily moisturize and nourish the delicate zone with products with antioxidants, vitamin E, liposomes and ceramides, hyaluronic acid.
  • Use serums with hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and C.
  • Do not ignore the masks. Cream, tissue, alginate – they all give a noticeable moisturizing and tightening effect. 

Overview of Neck Care Products


Cleansing the skin of the neck

Cleansing cream-gommage for face Phytopeel, Decléor.  Apply a uniform layer on the previously cleansed skin of face and neck, allow to dry. Roll the cream with circular movements of the fingers, holding the skin. Remove the residue with a lotion corresponding to the type of skin.

Day care

Day care for neck skin

Apply after washing

Name of the facility Application rules Active Ingredients
LIFTING TREATMENT FOR FACE AND NECK REVITALIFT, L’ORÉAL PARIS Apply after thorough cleansing of the skin on the face and neck with soft circular motions. proprenol
DAY SPA TREATMENT AQUALIA THERMAL, VICHY Apply in the morning to cleansed face and neck. Hyaluronic acid, aqua beryl, thermal water Vichy Spa

Night Care

Night Neck Care

Apply before bedtime

Name of the facility Act Active Ingredients
NIGHT FIRMING CREAM RÉNERGIE NUIT MULTI-LIFT, LANCÔME Provides recovery and total transformation of the skin, visibly tightens it and restores elasticity. extracts of soy, tea fungus, flax, hyaluronic acid, oligopeptides, adenosine, oils
INTENSIVELY MOISTURIZING SOOTHING MASK HYDRAPHASE INTENSE, LA ROCHE-POSAY Effectively moisturizes the skin. fragmented hyaluronic acid, shea butter and wax

Prevention of skin aging of the neck

Save the skin on the neck elastic will help the following recommendations.

  • Do not slouch! Keep your back straight, as if an invisible force is pulling you up behind the crown – your shoulders are pulled back, your chest is lifted.
  • Smile! Try to smile as much as possible. This causes a reduction in the subcutaneous muscle of the neck, strengthens it and leads to tonus of tissue supporting the breast. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
  • Daily massage the neck and décolleté area during the shower  – stroking in a circular motion under a cool stream of water with a medium pressure, tone and tighten the skin.

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