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How To Make Green Tea Toner For Prettier Skin

How To Make Green Tea Toner For Prettier Skin

You probably know that drinking green tea toner is good for you. You can use green tea to make your own skincare products and you can add it to your favorite cleanser to help your complexion and fight acne. With your green tea toner, face mask, cleanser, and steam treatment, you can have brighter, clearer skin with just one treatment.

1.Heat a pot or kettle of water until it’s nearly boiling. Heat the water over high heat until you see bubbles start to rise from the bottom. Then, remove the water from the heat to use for your tea.

  • The water doesn’t need to be boiling. If it starts to boil, that’s totally okay. However, it will take your tea longer to brew and cool down.

2.Place a green tea bag in a mug. Use an 8 to 12  fl oz (240 to 350 mL) mug to brew the green tea so you have a good batch of toner. Put the bag on the bottom of the mug and drape the string over the side.

  • If you prefer to use loose tea, put about 1-2 tbsp (2-4 g) of tea into a strainer, then put it into the mug.

3.Pour the hot water over the tea bag. Use a towel to protect your hand as you slowly pour the water into the mug. Once the mug is nearly full, set the pot on a cool stove burner or a towel. Then, gently swish your tea bag around in the cup to distribute the green tea.

  • Your water should immediately start to turn a muddy green color.

4.Let your tea steep for about 5-10 minutes. Drape the string on your tea bag or strainer back over the edge of your mug. Then, set a timer for 5-10 minutes and leave your tea to steep. Once the timer goes off, remove the tea bag and either discard it or save the tea leaves for another treatment.

  • You can make a mask using brewed tea leaves. See the recipe below in the section about masks.

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