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How to Choose Your Eye Cream?

Our eyes are one of the first areas that show sign of aging. One of the reasons for this is because the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the body. Therefore, the type of products we apply for this area has to be unique for the skin around the eyes. If we apply the same product that we use for the rest of the face, there is a high chance that this will not be absorbed on the under-eye area.  We have many concerns about this area. Not only aging signs, but also others like puffiness, pigmentation, and dryness. It is easy to find Eye Cream in beauty storesbut do we know how to properly choose Eye Creams for dryness?

Things like alcohol, perfumes, face creams, lack of sleep, and cigarettes are some of the ingredients and habits that affect this area. These most likely will make it dryer, causing more wrinkles and dark circles.

Here you have some of the ingredients in Eye Cream you should be looking for

Lines and wrinkles: start with creams or serums at an early age, you can try products with retinol (vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin E, and glycerin, they will stimulate the collagen production, remember retinol can make your skin sensitive so always apply SPF after using a product containing this.

Dark circles: choose products with caffeine, it increases blood flow in the area, and when applying, use your ring finger and massage going from the tear trough to the temple. Also, products with niacinamide (vitamin B) and kojic acid will slow down the production of pigment under the eyes.

Puffiness: the new generations of eye creams contain peptides; they increase collagen production and reduce puffiness. Caffeine is also recommended; it will help with water retention under the eyes. Also consider products like green tea and chamomile.

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