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Serum for face skin: what did you not know about it

The format of the serum can not be called new, but many are still unsure of the correct use of this product. We offer to fill the gaps in knowledge. 

Features of the serum for the face

There are only 5 things that you need to know about serum (it’s serum). Then you definitely will not mistake it with another tool and will be able to get the maximum benefit.

  1. This is a product of additional, not basic, care. That is, the serum is not used in place of a day / night cream.
  2. Serum for face skin is a  concentrated product . The formula is limited to a couple of active ingredients, but in a high concentration.
  3. Serums are cosmetic means of narrowly focused action , aimed at solving a specific problem.
  4. Serums always have a very light texture and are quickly absorbed. In most cases, serums are not much denser than water. Because of their lightness, they are often confused with fluids, but they are completely different products.
  5. Serum requires the subsequent application of the cream and is not used alone. Although there are exceptions.

    Serum for face

    Serums are used in tandem with cream.

Beneficial features

Serum for the face, regardless of its purpose and composition, is highly effective and with proper application provides a stable result.

Types of sera

The range of cosmetic tasks that sera can solve is huge. Name any, and you will not go wrong.

  • Humidification. Hyaluronic acid and other hydrofixers increase the level of moisture in the epidermis.
  • Rejuvenation. Serums stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin, providing a lifting effect. Or fight wrinkles, “pushing” them from the inside at the expense of all the same hyaluronic acid.
  • Whitening. In  this case, the main goals are the  uniform distribution of melanin and the renewing effect.
  • Update. Acids, included in the composition of serums, affect the effects of acne and photoaging.
  • Protection against free radicals. It is carried out by vitamin formulas aimed at daily struggle against the destructive effect of oxidants.

Selection of serum by skin type

Serum for face

Whey – concentrate, you need just a few drops. © iStock

Since the serum is used to solve specific problems, when choosing it is worthwhile to focus not even on the skin type, but on its condition:

  • dehydration;
  • signs of photoaging;
  • acne with oily skin;
  • increased greasiness;
  • loss of elasticity.

Terms of Use

Serums aimed at correction (wrinkles, pigment spots, flabbiness), it is accepted to apply the course for 2-3 months and repeat it three times a year or as needed.

Serums with pronounced caring properties (moisturizing, antioxidant) can be used on a permanent basis or longer courses up to 4 months.

To achieve the declared result of the manufacturer, the serum should be applied according to the rules. So, the serum is applied:

  • after the tonic;
  • before the cream;
  • a few drops are spread over the face until completely absorbed.

It is sensible to choose the serum and cream of one line or at least one brand: this is the fastest and right way to achieve the task. Exceptions are hyaluronic and antioxidant serums – they are universal.

10 serums and user reviews


Highly effective antioxidant serum for normal and dry skin. CE Ferulic, SkinCeuticals

Highly effective antioxidant serum for normal and dry skin. CE Ferulic, SkinCeuticals,  increases the skin’s ability to self-defense by 8 times, warns and corrects signs of photoaging due to the joint work of three antioxidants:

  1. 1.pure L-ascorbic acid 15%;
  2. 2.alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) 1%;
  3. 3.ferulic acid 0.5%.


Elena: “I’ve been using serum for 5 years now. I have very thin and dry skin, prone to pigmentation, and this is the most effective tool I’ve ever used. Refreshes and brightens the skin of the face. Protects against pigmentation and fights with already appeared spots. <…> Never caused any irritation, despite the high concentration of vitamin C. After applying, I feel the effect of immediate lifting, even the eyelids are tightened, the skin seems more elastic and dense. I’m sure that new wrinkles have not appeared over the years. ”

Victoria:  “This is the best serum with vitamin C, which I tried! A few days later the skin became more elastic, smooth, straight velvet! By the end of the use of the bottle, it became clearly visible that the complexion became more homogeneous. ”

Irina: “The color and tone of the skin improves. Two small pigmented spots under the eye, earned earlier in the sun, decreased and turned pale, became almost invisible. Despite the fact that the skin is prone to atopy, never noticed any allergic reactions to this product. ”

Antioxidant serum for oily and normal skin Phloretin CF, SkinSeuticals

Antioxidant serum for oily and normal skin Phloretin CF, SkinSeuticals,  gives a powerful charge that can prevent cell damage by ultraviolet and bad ecology. In the formula:

  1. 1. L-ascorbic acid 10%;
  2. 2. Floretine 2.0%;
  3. 3. ferulic acid 0.5%.


Yana: “Skin combi, postakne, sensitive and no longer young. I use this serum in the morning, before Phito Corrective. As a result: the pores are smoothed, the complexion is more even, shining, the skin is nourished, inflammations have gone, wrinkles are not so noticeable. And the most important thing in it is stable vitamin C, which allows you to use an open bottle for a long time. There are no analogues to date, it has been verified personally! ”


Intensive moisturizing regenerating gel Hydrating B5, Skinceuticals

Intensive moisturizing regenerating gel Hydrating B5, SkinCeuticals,  its success due to a very high concentration of hyaluronic acid in combination with vitamin B5 (improves regeneration). Quickly reduces the feeling of tightness and tarnish caused by dehydration. This super moisturizer does not require “sealing” cream.


Gayde : “Magic Serum! I love her very much! Perfectly moisturizes and gives radiance to the skin. ”

Elena : “For a long time I was looking for such hydration – hyaluronic acid, but without stickiness, tightness, removes small irregularities, perfectly moisturizes (I have combined sensitive skin), the skin shines after application.”

Svetlana: “The tool is super, unique! Moisturizes, smoothes, rejuvenates the skin, a pleasant sensation during the day. If they offered to bring only one remedy to the uninhabited island, I would choose Hydrating B5 Gel “.

Daily gel-serum for skin exposed to external influences Mineral 89, Vichy

Daily gel-serum for skin exposed to external influences, Mineral 89, Vichy  – the secret of this remedy is simple, like all brilliant: a record for the brand (89%) concentration of mineralizing thermal water plus hyaluronic acid, also in high concentration. Hence – a powerful moisturizing effect, pH normalization and restoration of the barrier-protective functions of the epidermis, as well as the return:

  • smoothness;
  • elasticity;
  • shining, healthy kind.


Nick: “I’ve been using the product for a month, the result is perfect! The skin became perfect. Now I will order constantly. The main thing is to use it every day. For me it is important that it can and should be applied under make-up. In the evening, washing off the makeup, we get not dehydrated and irritated skin, but healthy, soft and tender. ”

Olga: “My skin is dry, and in winter in particular, but after one application of this whey the peeling has become less. And after a week of use, I completely forgot about it. This serum very well moisturizes, improves complexion and protects. The face looks fresh and rested, even without the use of additional funds. ”

Against Acne

Serum for correction of acne and age-related changes Blemish & Age Defense, SkinCeuticals

Serum for the correction of acne and age-related changes Blemish & Age Defense, SkinCeuticals,  thanks to a combination of five acids reduces the production of sebum and the number of imperfections, contributes to the smoothing of the relief and soft renewal. Glycolic (3.5%) and sulfonic (0.5%) acids improve exfoliation.


Elena: “This serum is one of my beauty discoveries of 2017. It really works as described by the manufacturer – removes inflammation, clears the face from black spots, helps in the fight against post-acne. Its value justifies with interest, because it actually transformed my face. The main thing is that they do not change the composition – now it is 5+ ».

Oksana: “I have been using it for a long time, I use it for the night, it is very effective in combating inflammation, dullness of the skin. Despite the high content of alcohol in the composition, does not dry. My skin is very fat, so I often use it as an independent tool. ”


Night micropiling, accelerating skin renewal Nightly refining micro-peel concentrate, Kiehl's

Night micropiling, accelerating skin renewal, Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate, Kiehl’s,  with  ANA acid and hull extract, helps the skin to get rid of dead cells as soon as possible, making it smoother, shining, and tone even.


Ludmila: “The magic tool. I have dry sensitive skin, and it fits perfectly. ”

Julia: “Visible result after one week of application. The skin is more even, smooth, the inflammations are dried, the traces of the acne are smoothed. Pleasant application, practically does not burn, unlike other similar means ».

Renewing Moisturizing Serum Retexturing Activator, SkinCeuticals

The renewing moisturizing serum Retexturing Activator, SkinCeuticals, delicately renews the skin without irritating it. Moisturizing effect is achieved due to the urea duo in a concentration of 20% and hyaluronic acid.


Natalia: “Beautiful whey. I love this product very much. For skin with dilated pores is indispensable. I use all the time. Result on the face! The skin is smooth and shining. ”

Masha: “I am delighted with the effect I get. Really refreshing and smoothing the tone without flaking, besides there are fewer rashes. The skin acquires a natural glow and a rested appearance. For me it is an indispensable tool throughout the year. ”

Against wrinkles

Serum Revitalift Filler [hA], L'Oréal Paris

Anti-aging serum Revitalift Filler [hA], L’Oréal Paris,  fills wrinkles with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid according to the principle of professional fillers, and gradually increases the density of the skin.

Against pigmentation

Serum for smooth skin tone Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, Kiehl's

Serum for smooth skin tone Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, Kiehl’s, contains active vitamin C and peony extract, reduces the intensity of age-related pigmentation spots and generally smooths the skin color, returning it radiance.


Julia: “I have a strong pigmentation on my face. I use this serum for about 3 months, and it really works. The spots are almost completely gone. I use it in the morning and in the evening paired with a day cream c SPF 30. If you have the same problem – I highly recommend it! ”


Intensive rejuvenating serum Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma, Lancome

The intensive regenerating serum Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma, Lancôme,  is aimed at complex rejuvenation of the skin and restoration of the contours of the face. The seriousness of the intentions is indicated by the combination of two technologies: Multi-Tension and Multi-Vital, which together have an effect on all five layers of the skin, day after day stimulating the activity of cells, in particular, fibroblasts that promote the production of collagen. Special polymers are responsible for the immediate lifting effect.


Chita: “This serum is just a find for my skin. Quickly absorbed and improves the look of the skin from the first application. Instantly smoothes wrinkles, softens, glows. ”

Julia Kurakina: “The lifting effect is felt! Soft texture, economical to use! ”

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